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When you staying in a city like Delhi or visiting the place, which grows on chaos and the body is no more able to take a toll on your physical and mental well-being, you indeed required to have a break from the hectic city life. At this point of time one needs to visit the best spa center in Delhi that is Sawadhee traditional Thai spa which does not revitalize your body or mind only but the soul too. We are highly considered in Delhi for our traditional Thai massage therapy and ensure our clients to de-stress with the best spa treatment and massage services by expert professionals in Vasant Kunj, Delhi.

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Spa Terms & Conditions

Spa Treatment Selection

Sawadhee Traditional Thai spa offers you an array of spa treatment services which we have enlisted on our website too. Our highly professional massage therapists guide you or provide assistance in choosing the right services for you. One can contact the spa in working hours to have information regarding therapies from any member from staff, which will surely help you to find specific therapies from the spa that can work for you.

Late Arrivals

If you have scheduled your appointment at Sawadhee than we ask you to come a few minutes earlier from your schedule time as your late arrival can simply limit the time for your massage therapy. If late arrival is unavoidable, please call to notify the spa receptionist when possible. It is necessary to maintain a time slot, in order to accommodate the other guests.

What to Wear

Our client’s outfit does not matter with us, as we provide undergarments and slippers to the visitors of the spa for their session here. At Sawadhee, we tender the flawless comfort to our clients in complete body massage and ensure it through appropriately draping areas of the body that are not a focus of the therapy.

Spa Etiquettee

We keep trying to maintain the environment of the spa and privacy of clients, for that we appeal from them to speak a bit softly and restraining the use of communication devices like a mobile phone as we need to rejuvenate the aura of the place that can give you relief from the outside atmosphere.

Personal Belongings

Our customers are required to take care of their belongings themselves we do not take responsibility for the belongings and request from our client is to look after their personal things. Moreover, we would say no to carry valuable things to the spa. Although we are providing a lockable drawer in every room of spa hence you need to lock your belongings and to keep the key with you.

Personal Preferences

At Sawadhee, you can ask for personal preferences to your therapists whether it is room temperature or massage pressure, your choice is foremost to us and you can communicate regarding that apparently.

Inappropriate Behaviour

The right to dignity is among the basic rights in the Indian constitution even, so everybody deserves proper behavior including the therapists working at sawadhee and can stop the massage service anytime if they will be treated by the customer in a proper manner. Such kinds of clients will never be entertained further also at the spa.


Steam is undivided part of the spa experience, it is the room or enclosed space that is heated by steam and takes few minutes to get ready to use. It is scientifically proven that the steam room can significantly improve your health in various promotes skin health, reduces stress and clears congestion.


If you are coming for taking a spa or any massage therapy at Sawadhee and you are a pregnant lady we recommend you to take medical advice before coming. If your doctor allows than also you are required to notify it in the spa at the time of that our therapists can guide you that which treatment is appropriate for you.

Food and Beverages

There are some restrictions on your eating and consuming anything half an hour prior to your massage therapy and up to half an after massage therapy. our knowledgeable and expert therapists recommend you to not consume any food beverage or alcohol before and after the spa treatment.


If the staff or service of the spa does not live up to your expectations you are requested to have a conversation with the PR manager or at the reception of the center before leaving it. This will let us know about our service.

Mode of Payment

We accept various modes of payment like major credit card, debit card and cash.


The team of Sawadhee is thrived to give you the best spa or massage experience by their dedicated work. The spa, even do not take service but gratuity is in trend always. You can offer a gratuity to your preferred member of staff or to the reception desk directly which can be acceptable up to ten percent of your charges.

Refunds & Extensions

The prepaid membership and gift vouchers of the spa cannot be refundable and not even their validity can be extended further.

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