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Spa Terms & Conditions

Spa Treatment Selection

A full menu of spa treatment offerings is listed on the website of Sawadhee Traditional Thai Spa. If you feel you would like assistance in choosing a service, we recommend calling the spa directly and speaking to one of our knowledgeable staff members. A discussion with our reception staff can often help you decide between specific types of spa therapies.

Late Arrivals

We request you to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time; however, if a late arrival is unavoidable, please call to notify the spa receptionist when possible. Arriving late will simply limit the time for your therapy, as we must complete your service by the designated end-time in order to appropriately accommodate the next guest.

What to Wear

You may wear any clothing of your choice when you visit our Spa. We shall be providing you with a robe, undergarments and slippers to wear during your session here. Our therapists are professionally trained and will ensure a level of comfort by appropriately draping areas of the body that are not a focus of the therapy.

Spa Etiquettee

To maintain the tranquil environment of relaxation and rejuvenation at Sawadhee Spa, we request that you are respectful of others’ privacy, speak softly and deactivate any disruptive communication devices such as cell phones .

Personal Belongings

Responsibility of personal belongings rests solely with our guests and we accept no responsibility for lost or misplaced belongings. While we strongly advise against carrying valuables to the spa, provision for a lockable drawer has been made in every spa room. Please use the locker and retain the keys with you during the entire duration of your visit.

Personal Preferences

Whether it is the room temperature or the level of massage pressure, please communicate your preferences to the therapist so that he or she can make your time with us a special experience.

Inappropriate Behaviour

Our therapists reserve the right to stop any therapy at any point of time in the event of any inappropriate behavior, gestures, innuendos or requests of sexual nature by a guest. Such guests will be blacklisted and no further appointments will be offered to them.


Steam is a beneficial facet of the spa experience, but should always be used in moderation. The wet heat of the steam room is effective in opening pores and awakening the respiratory system and for this we recommend a five to six minute time frame.


Pregnant ladies are recommended to seek medical advice before engaging in any of the therapies and are requested to notify our spa staff when booking their therapy. Our staff can offer guidance as to which treatments will be the most beneficial and those that should be avoided.

Food and Beverages

It is advised that you do not consume any food or cold beverage at least ½ an hour prior to and after the massage. Also, we recommend that you do not consume any alcohol before, during or immediately after your Spa therapy.


If your experience at our spa has not met your expectations, we request that you speak with the PR manager or Receptionist on duty before leaving the facility.

Mode of Payment

We accept all major credit cards and cash.


Our staff is working dedicatedly towards making your experience at Sawadhee a memorable one. We do not levy a service charge at the spa, however gratuities for these efforts is an accepted norm in India and a 10% gratuity is considered adequate and can be either given directly to the staff member, or extended at the front desk of the spa facility

Refunds & Extensions

Pre-paid memberships and gift vouchers cannot be refunded. Their validity cannot be extended either.